The Bra Strap Clip | Adds lift, support, conceals & holds
Bra Strap Clip

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Add lift and support--while keeping bra straps out of sight! This easy-to-use accessory converts a standard bra into a razor-back or cross-back style, hiding the straps so that you can feel confident in your favorite bra no matter what outfit you're wearing. As a bonus, it eliminates the annoyance of straps falling off your shoulders. This secret beauty accessory makes you feel confident and comfortable in whatever style you’re wearing. Feel the difference for yourself. Don’t ever worry about your bra strap clips snapping! The durable design is easy-to-use and flexible.

Increases your cup size instantly
  • Helps to improve your posture
  • Lifts and supports breasts
    Enhance your bust and cleavage
  • Prevents your bra straps from falling
  • Keeps your bra straps from digging into your shoulders
  • Convert any standard bra easily
Bra Strap Clips
6 bra strap clips for $16.49
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Perfect for Bra Straps

  • Don't spend hundreds on different style bras to suit your different dress styles. The bra strap clip saves money letting you instead alter a standard bra to different designs. Ingeniously crafted, it is durable, versatile and simple to use. We’ve got a lot of press from this accessory. Style experts recommend it as a must have fashion accessory. Let’s face it; don’t you just hate revealing bra straps? They drive me crazy. So in addition to the lip gloss, sunscreen and moisturizer, stock up on these bra strap clips this summer. I know they’re just perfect for all the tanks and slender strapped dresses I’ll be wearing.

Helps your cleavage more noticeable
Hides your bra straps
Excellent for sports bras, work-outs and tank tops

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